About Us

Kreeda Bharti Pune is branch of 'Kreeda Bharti क्रीडा भारती' organization. 
Kreeda Bharti Organization is woking on National Level.
Kreeda Bharti is founded on 1992 in Pune.

Primary Objectives of Kreeda Bharti Organization

  • Promote Indian & traditional sports.
  • Motivate sports in country
  • Spread Sports Education throughout the Country
  • Educate about Importance of Sports in daily life
  • Motivate every child for Sports 
  • Develop training facilities 
  • Develop Sports Culture
  • Spread old forgotton traditional sports to all

 As per the primary objectives Kreeda Bharti organizes different sports events, sessions, gaterings, competitions for every age group of sportsmans and sportswomens.

Kreeda Bharti organizes following events on regular basis throughout the country

  • Hanuman Jayanti 
  • Surya Namaskar Yadnya
  • International Yoga Day
  • National Sports Day (राष्ट्रीय क्रीडा दिन)
  • Veermata Jijamata Puraskar
  • Sports Education Examination (क्रीडा ज्ञान परीक्षा)

Organization also occasionally organizes following events at different levels

  • Football Competitions
  • Hockey Traning Camps
  • Trekking Events
  • Kabaddi Competitions
  • Rassi Khec Competitions (रस्सीखेच)
  • Rashtrbhakti Daud (राष्ट्रभक्ती दौड)
  • Sports History Sessions
  • Sports events for Banking Employess
  • Sports events for Corporate Employees
  • Sports events specially for Womens
  • Sports events for Housewiwes
  • Sports Education Sessions for all age groups